Distracted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Distracted:

For less-than-hateful remarks, where no moral stand is indicated, try, “I’m less distracted when I sit alone.”

We can’t be optimizing against empty rooms and a distracted audience.

A cook will get distracted and lose track of something on the stove.

I shared my internal struggles with close friends and family and discovered that I know multiple people who have been hit by distracted or reckless drivers.

I’ve always been too distracted to be the kind of fan who remembers all the details of specific games.

She observed his pale looks, and the distracted wandering of his eyes; but she would not notice either.

Louis had covered his raging temples with his hand, and he hastened forward with distracted swiftness.

The sections, the tribunals, the clubs were to suspend their sittings, that the public attention might not be distracted.

When he reached his own little room, he sat for some time, distracted by conflicting thoughts.

Miss Winter has set Mary to read 'To be, or not to be,' and it would have driven me distracted to have stayed there.