Distraught [adjective]

Definition of Distraught:

very upset, worked-up

Opposite/Antonyms of Distraught:

Sentence/Example of Distraught:

It captures the building’s superintendent distraught in the minutes after the shooting.

The distraught mind has used the body as a perverse canvas, and the book serves as an extension of the artist’s flesh.

Sheriff’s deputies used tasers, pepper spray, water balls and pinned the visibly distraught man, Paul Silva, to the ground with a body shield to try and subdue him to take him to a medical evaluation.

On July 29, he had published an op-ed in The Baltimore Sun saying, “I’m distraught at the thought of our kids in the city missing more school.”

Even some families who already had one stay-at-home parent have been publicly distraught over the lack of safe, in-person instruction options for their children.

They awoke on the morrow, their minds still distraught and deeming the thing was but a nightmare.

When she came to his side he seized her hand instantly with a sigh of content and turned and looked at her with distraught eyes.

He paused––distraught, his brows bent, his hand passing aimlessly 56 over the scars and gray stubble of his head.

He pressed his hands to his eyes and then flung them outward with the gesture of one distraught.

You sit down too, Grigory Mihalitch, she said to Litvinov, who was standing like one distraught at the door.