Collected [adjective]

Definition of Collected:

composed, calm

Synonyms of Collected:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collected:

Sentence/Example of Collected:

Many of their cannon balls that fell far short of us, were collected and returned to them with powerful effect.

Three immatures were collected and adults were seen feeding young fledglings at Pisté.

Specimens were easily collected in a mist net placed across the opening.

Baroness Schopenhauer died at Jena; a woman of talent and celebrity, and author of various works, which were collected in 24 vols.

Numbers have dribbled back from firing line and cannot be collected in this difficult country.

In a general way the fronds are best collected during the summer and autumn, when they will, of course, be well developed.

That money was formerly collected and placed in the treasury through the intervention of the royal officials.

This library is considered the most valuable and extensive in American history and antiquities, ever collected.

By this time a large band of natives had collected, and were gazing eagerly on the proceedings.

Many years ago I collected together a large number of these 'Fairy Pipes' from all parts of the kingdom.