Confident [adjective]

Definition of Confident:

certain, assured

Opposite/Antonyms of Confident:

Sentence/Example of Confident:

People put their money in a bank only because they are very confident that they can get it back if needed.

Whether you’re a novice looking to buff up redeye-making skills or confident making a macchiato, most machines will be able to meet you where you are.

When the testing was over, many recruits said they had been confident they heard a true difference between sick and healthy coughs and sneezes.

The customer made it clear that if we couldn’t develop this capability they’d be less confident in our product.

By the time we had enough years of data to actually test the hypotheses and put out studies that we’re really confident in, there was a really established “Ban the Box” lobby.

So I feel very confident that we will end up with a vaccine.

So I’d be pretty confident in saying I suspect we’re now already in a recession.

The female flies short distances and is increasingly confident and vocal, and the male is beginning to grow feathers and has a healthy appetite for crickets, mice and small lizards.

They still stay close to their parents, yet are more confident and approach their keepers for treats.

Things looked anxious for a bit, but by this morning's dawn all are dug in, cool, confident.