Cocksure [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cocksure:

Aaron Logan didn't like being told what to do, especially by a little cocksure midget.

"We shall see," said Tiler, elated and cocksure, and I freely confess we did see that he was not quite the fool I thought him.

Her cocksure intensity could not fail to impress me in my present state of deadness; I listened as if to oracles.

About a generation ago scientific men, or some of them at all events, were getting rather cocksure.

The thought that enraged him was that the banker was so cocksure of himself, his position.

The nineteenth century was cocksure of so many things about which the twentieth century doubts.

I want to go out and help lambaste those infernally cocksure armies of that jelly-and-cream King.

They are much more democratic, far less cocksure, far less haughty, far humbler.

I was pretty certain they wouldn't catch Jim, in spite of Goring being so cocksure about it.

Cocksure he was, and before long she knew him boastful; but competence sat on him, none the less.