Conceited [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Conceited:

A half of that half grew impossibly conceited, and died early.

Your careless and conceited behaviour reassures me, and convinces me of my error.

I found her exactly the same talkative, positive, passionate, conceited creature as we knew her twenty years ago.

Some showed themselves as conceited pipes; some were light and sparkish, others ponderous and clumsy.

No one likes to see himself held up to scorn and mockery; nobody is willing to be shown up as ignorant and conceited.

The conceited rascal wanted to puff himself up until he was bigger than the rest of you, and this is the result of his folly.

Then that forsaken, conceited, blank heathen, he says one of his ancestors discovered the same three thousand years ago.

That rather bored him at first, but it ended by making him a little conceited about his appearance.

Next to a Sutler, or a conceited, fresh young Aid, the soldiers always delighted to see a Wagonmaster get into trouble.

He is so conceited that he thinks no one good enough for him.