Phony [adjective]

Definition of Phony:

fake, false

Synonyms of Phony:

Opposite/Antonyms of Phony:

Sentence/Example of Phony:

I looks at him, and then, thinking of the phony money, I looks at Durks.

Their phony history was set up to deceive their own people as well as others.

And you knew, right away, that Swami was a phony from Flatbush.

For there's nothin' phony about my new Uncle Kyrle, take it from me!

Say, Tuttle, you know you can't work any 'phony deal on the Corrugated.

I didnt say your invention was a phony, Colonel Dower said placatingly.

No more tricks like the phony colonel and the atom bomb that didn’t ‘explode.

And at the end of it, the hucksters, the phony props, would be there first.

He assumed it was real; no one would wear a phony one that big.

Maybe the guy was a crackpot or phony, but it wouldn't hurt to hear his story.