Real [adjective]

Definition of Real:

genuine in existence

Opposite/Antonyms of Real:

Sentence/Example of Real:

May the powers that guide our destiny, preserve you from any real cause for shame.

Now he, being a real likable man of a man, can I do that—for money?

And do women who sell themselves ever find any real pleasure in the bargain?

But in the end this period of suffering proved a real blessing.

As Mr. Sanborn says of her, "she is too real a person, not to be true."

But what is the real value, what will be the consequences, of our victory?

It is not the adjective, but the substantive, which is of real importance.

She stood aghast all this time, partly with real, partly with affected, surprise.

So, Miss, if you have a real value for your reputation, shew it as you ought.

Where his real self was he did not know, so he toyed with the illusion.