Unclear [adjective]

Definition of Unclear:

not clear

Synonyms of Unclear:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unclear:

Sentence/Example of Unclear:

The picture of Jackson that has come down to us, therefore, is unclear and fragmentary.

The description is unclear and printed from an incorrect transcript.

As it is unclear which book he was referring to, the error has not been corrected.

It is unclear which of these is correct so they have been preserved as they appear in the original.

Whether the work was ever popular within the schools or without is unclear.

Page 175: some numbers in the Key are unclear in the original.

It is unclear, metaphysical, and whatever good there is in it, I spoil.

The natural discernment is often unclear, uncertain, partial, and faulty.

It is unclear whether this is an intentional excerpt or a printer's error.

For it is as false in experience and as unclear in thinking as could well be imagined.