Dim [adjective]

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Soon we had the entire garden to ourselves — we encountered fewer than a dozen people the entire weekend — and as the light dimmed behind an overcast sky, the three of us perched on a ledge near the trail’s end.

It’s during this dim period, when the stars still mingle with the moon in the sky but the sun announces that it’s on its way, that I’ve maintained a tenuous hold on the outside world through surfing.

This is Delaware, home of presidents and seekers of information about Cantonese dim sum to be served during the Super Bowl.

On a per-36-minutes and per-100-possessions basis, Randle is diming up his teammates more than he ever previously had.

When researchers look for far-off planets, they do so by watching stars and noting when planets pass in front of them, measuring the resulting dim in brightness.

Some even have the ability to group lights together, so you can dim the entire downstairs, upstairs, or even the whole house with a single command.

By dimming lights from afar, the agencies could recoup their costs through energy savings, the pitch went.

That lets them find a couple thousand floaters every year, though most are just dim stars.

She opened the letter by the flickering firelight, which was stronger on the hearthrug than the light of the dim November day.

Dr. Ashton walked out of the chapel, and Val stood for a few moments where he was, looking up and down in the dim light.