Muted [verb]

Definition of Muted:

muffle, tone down sound

Synonyms of Muted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Muted:

Sentence/Example of Muted:

For the time being, conscience was muted by gratified ambition.

Then to his ears came the most welcome soft roar of muted rockets.

Muted cornets, banjos and saxophones were wailing out a tom-tom adagio.

There was a peculiar, throaty quality in her voice, like a muted violin or 'cello.

“You will not be lonely,” said the unfortunate man in a muted voice.

Yet who would undertake to describe in words the tone of the muted horn?

There were muted rumblings and crashes that slowly died away.

Her voice was so muted he could hardly distinguish the words.

She could not say her prayers; she had none to say; her mind and soul were muted, muffled, dumb.

The shots were muted and flat in the stillness of the kitchen.