Articulate [adjective]

Definition of Articulate:

clearly, coherently spoken

Synonyms of Articulate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Articulate:

Sentence/Example of Articulate:

These values require constant maintenance and must be articulated over and over again in new contexts.

One response was through petition writing as women took to the pen to articulate their concerns.

It’s not just that the weighted vote is bad – which many smaller cities have articulated loudly and clearly for a few years now – but that the weighted vote is inappropriate for quasi-judicial decisions.

Scroll’s reason for existing has always been fairly easy to articulate.

He has articulated some very clear themes and tried to approach them.

For all that, an occasional mutter came unheeded to his ears, the closed curtains preserving articulate sounds like room walls.

The infant begins its vocal utterances with simple cries; only at a later age does it begin to articulate.

The language of the Akka is of a very undeveloped type, and seems a link between articulate and inarticulate speech.

He laid his hand on his brow and more than once he groaned and muttered half-articulate expressions of repugnance.

The sick woman was lying still; her eyes wandered and her lips moved, but as yet no articulate sound issued from them.