Expressive [adjective]

Definition of Expressive:

telling, revealing

Opposite/Antonyms of Expressive:

Sentence/Example of Expressive:

What I found interesting in these narratives was that these commenters were not only ready to come out on a “public” digital space, they were also expressive in revealing their offline identities.

To their surprise, the winner looked least like Kim physically but had the most expressive performance.

Fountain pens can be challenging for a beginner, but that finicky ink delivery ensures a more expressive hand.

She sought refuge from her children in the bedroom and we talked for two hours, de Rham’s expressive and energetic hand gestures articulating the evolution of the cosmos and occasionally colliding with the webcam.

The rightly cultivated expressive voice is the man—speaking.

Mrs. Kaye's expressive eyes, which had dwelt on Isabel with flattering attention, fell to the tip of her cigarette.

The circle around did not exactly contradict him, but exhibited expressive appearances of incredulity.

The two most pleasing, expressive, and powerful single instruments of music are the human voice and the violin.

He was also the inventor of "Poikilorgue," an expressive organ, which was the origin of the harmonium.

The longing desire to hear the whole of the letter, might be read in every feature of her expressive face.