Suggestive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Suggestive:

His whole appearance was suggestive of the shady side of life.

Applied to the literary history of a race, this principle is suggestive.

Such aberration can only be explained by suggestive influence on the part of men.

A hypnotizer may abuse his suggestive power to exploit the love of the hypnotized.

All things in which there is opposition or proportion are suggestive of reflection.

Its name is suggestive of Columbia, and our country is often called by that name.

Thrasymachus, I said to him, excellent man, how suggestive are your remarks!

But I will proceed to the other speech, which, as I think, is also suggestive to students of rhetoric.

I could feel its every motion with startling and suggestive distinctness.

So insatiable a thing it is and so suggestive of mad fantasy.