Reminiscent [adjective]

Definition of Reminiscent:

suggestive of something in the past

Synonyms of Reminiscent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reminiscent:

Sentence/Example of Reminiscent:

Her face lit up with a reminiscent smile, and then clouded again.

Its humor is irresistible and reminiscent of the time when the reader was Seventeen.

He said that the air was too reminiscent of a place where he was severely gassed.

Robie was busy at his desk, and not in humor for conversation on reminiscent lines.

Geraldine gasped with reminiscent horror of that low-ceiled kitchen.

They sat in front of the log-house in the evening, Balderson mellow and reminiscent.

Ross made no comment, and the other went on, in a tone of reminiscent sadness.

It is reminiscent, with many differences, of an Algerian oasis.

“It was some walloping, too,” said Old Hundred, with a reminiscent grin.

But although subjugated and exorcised, she at least was reminiscent.