Nostalgic [adjective]

Definition of Nostalgic:

longingly remembering

Synonyms of Nostalgic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nostalgic:


Sentence/Example of Nostalgic:

Some alumni might be nostalgic for the Gothic structures of their university days.

Grandfather was an Earthman and he used to get nostalgic for the homeworld.

From Java's seething millions were the nostalgic three ever missed?

One nostalgic hood from Seattle said it reminded him of Skid Row there.

The waiter, a nostalgic look in his big blue eyes, went away.

And so I cleave to the present tense—the nostalgic present, as grammarians might call it.

I was in a nostalgic mood, but I was also in a rebellious mood.

We get together now and then, and talk over old times, and laugh at some things and get nostalgic over other things.

One thing only he saw which struck a note of the nostalgic and brought a catch to his throat.

Those who had the good fortune to take part in them preserved a splendid memory and a nostalgic longing.