Sentimental [adjective]

Definition of Sentimental:

emotional, romantic

Opposite/Antonyms of Sentimental:

Sentence/Example of Sentimental:

Let us see if there is any foundation for this sentimental balderdash.

This was the first time she had ever heard Martin ask for something as sentimental as a kiss.

This country is absurd with its sentimental regard for individual liberty.

The public has a sort of sentimental regard for that fellow.

There was not a trace of sentimental expression to this absorption.

She is respectable, but not sentimental, and will state the fact.

I am no lover of sentimental trips on the sea; but this was not the time to draw back.

My interest in the place—there, I will tell you that—is purely of a sentimental nature.

One might as soon expect our daughters to get sentimental in a swing.

The sentimental song was typical of the Territorial's taste.