Touching [adjective]

Definition of Touching:

affecting, moving emotionally

Synonyms of Touching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Touching:

Sentence/Example of Touching:

And it was with eagerness that I accepted the touching invitation.

She went about looking at things, curious, touching them softly as if they were sacred.

Touching the moneys, there is enough and to spare until we reach Montaubon.

The leper himself would never have dreamed of his touching him.

After these touching words, Andrew began to take another view of the matter.

The little thing measured her height by touching her forehead.

Then aloud he repeated the question, touching the bookmaker on the elbow.

Carelessly he stepped to the back of the stall, touching Westley as he passed.

A breath of sincere, touching admiration came from every side.

"And against other enemies I have this," I added, touching my revolver.