Pitiful [adjective]

Definition of Pitiful:

in bad shape; poor

Opposite/Antonyms of Pitiful:

Sentence/Example of Pitiful:

Is it not most pitiful to see a human being, made in the image of God, sunk so low?

It would be pitiful to have to make him still more miserable!

I do not know whether the sight to you would have been pitiful or ludicrous.

Burke broke in on the girl's pitiful histrionics ruthlessly.

It is all true, true to character, and pitiful beyond words.

It was such a pitiful, ghastly bluff—for the cards were all against him, and he knew it.

At the idea of suffering, her whole soul melted into a pitiful fraternity.

I had it now, the whole damnable, pitiful story, every fact clear-cut to the bone.

She answered, she knew not whom he meant; she never was fond of any pitiful fellow.

And it was with a child's look of pitiful dismay and perplexity that he faced the sheriff.