Dismal [adjective]

Definition of Dismal:

bleak, dreary, gloomy

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismal:

Sentence/Example of Dismal:

Jakub Vrana's dismal turnover in the offensive zone led to the rush the opposite way — and the eventual game-winner.

“I suppose my larger intention was to add some light, levity and beauty to an otherwise dismal year,” she said.

This apparent bet-hedging did not seem to go over well with investors, who were asked by Bakish to overlook the company’s dismal fourth-quarter earnings that included a net loss of $273 million.

“We need cities to act with urgency so that we can start improving the very dismal housing supply we have now,” she said.

I need not inquire whether his dismal behaviour was natural or assumed.

And when he did leave the dismal scene of this last act of his miseries, it was like the spectre of the man who had entered it.

My railway life began on a drizzling dismal day in the early autumn.

The light which discovered its dismal bounds to his solitary eyes, came from a small grated aperture in the vaulted roof.

It was still in the verge of possibility that his son might seek his father in that dismal chamber.

But from the rather dismal salon they passed into a more cheerful room.