Oppressive [adjective]

Definition of Oppressive:

overwhelming, repressive

Opposite/Antonyms of Oppressive:

Sentence/Example of Oppressive:

There the flush and bloom of newness were oppressive to the right-minded.

If formed on equal and just principles, it can not be oppressive.

Not a sound disturbed the oppressive quiet, not the quiver of a twig.

The day was sultry, and the heat, even in the dense shade of the jungle, oppressive.

His wristbands and collar were oppressive; his voice and manner were oppressive.

The silence of the Lowlands is as heavy and oppressive as its air.

The sun was overhead, the heat was great, the odour was oppressive.

An oppressive burden was lifted from his mind and conscience.

The weather was oppressive and he had talked too much to the young men at the brasserie.

The oppressive silence was broken by a prodigious sigh from Ruggles.