Severe [adjective]

Definition of Severe:

uncompromising, stern

Opposite/Antonyms of Severe:

Sentence/Example of Severe:

The blow was a bit too severe and the Egyptian fell down dead.

Had I been subject only to his examination, my ordeal would not have been severe.

Well, indeed, might my mother say, that I should have severe trials.

In severe obedience to orders, therefore, he did not even now call.

She had held her inclinations in check with severe judgment.

But Nelly is coming bravely through a severe test of character.

"I do not understand, Rico," he said, with a severe glance at the boy.

Perhaps these strange symptoms were a sign that she was about to have a severe illness.

The losses sustained by the Brigade were indisputably most severe.

But my punishment was the same—a severe chill which made me very ill.