Unsparing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unsparing:

Her unsparing tirade had provoked an outburst of laughter, but not from Robbie.

Very soon he was sleeping, snoring on the G string with unsparing pressure.

Slaves, as well as slaveholders, use it with an unsparing hand.

But he was as indolent of mind as he was unsparing of his body.

Only to one class of patient was he merciless and unsparing.

To the cruel they were unsparing; to the merciless they showed no mercy.

The details of that occasion returned vivid, complete, unsparing.

The work of a monk, it is unsparing in its attacks on the monastic orders.

He was a severe and unsparing taskmaster, and allowed no shirking.

Sassoon's three volumes are the most vital and unsparing records of the war we have had.