Liberal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Liberal:

She endorsed Biden in April — after Sanders, with whom she had been fighting for the liberal vote, did so — and was widely reported to have been on Biden’s short list as a possible running mate.

San Diego’s new policy seems to be a little less liberal, according to a document obtained by Voice of San Diego.

That’s two of the court’s remaining four liberal justices in their 80s.

It’s a little bit more conservative, but you still have plenty of liberal thought here.

For the first time this century, a liberal Democratic candidate has a real shot at the seat, according to forecastsin the deep-red state.

A 2019 study by Ryan Enos, Aaron Kaufman, and Melissa Sands found that the 1992 Los Angeles riot “caused a marked liberal shift in policy support at the polls.”

In Utah, while the Salt Lake City area is somewhat liberal, conservative politics dominate the state.

The players’ commitment to racial justice is helped by their sport’s very liberal fan base.

The easiest way to interpret that trend is simply to conclude that Roberts is becoming more liberal.

Some commentators have expressed surprise that two traditionally conservative justices, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Neil Gorsuch, joined with the four traditionally more liberal judges in the 6-3 decision.