Lenient [adjective]

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The math of being as lenient as possible for borrowers who are truly without fault has never been more persuasive.

Officials also introduced an unusually lenient grading policy — meant to combat a spike in failing grades as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to upend American education.

There’s also the question of who really has the power to enforce the gendered double standard—and whether the answer is to be more lenient with female founders or to hold men to a higher standard, as I explore more in another story for Fortune today.

Being lenient back at the start of the pandemic has left them with huge numbers to make up before the end of the year.

In 46 of the cases, the accused officer was given an outcome more lenient than jail time, like probation or pretrial intervention.

The pressure that led to the prisoner release also laid the groundwork for more-lenient emigration policies.

Usually the teacher was very lenient with Mother Wit, for of all her pupils Laura gave her the least trouble.

Val once said he had been more sinned against than sinning: it may be deemed that in that opinion he was too lenient to himself.

A moiling, toiling man, who shows no mercy to himself, is only lenient to others by excess of reason.

The society into which he went was disposed to be exceedingly lenient to fashionable excesses.