Favoring [verb]

Definition of Favoring:

pamper, reward; help

Synonyms of Favoring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Favoring:

Sentence/Example of Favoring:

In August, Gloria voted in favor of a state bill that aims to give workers notice about coronavirus outbreaks in the workplace, but a key requirement to make those worksite outbreaks public was stripped out of the final draft, CalMatters reported.

The timing of the ungrounding may work in airlines’ favor, he said.

According to Bloomberg, though, McDonald’s decided to forego a partnership with Beyond Meat in favor of creating its own plant-based products.

Doorae Shin, coordinator for the local Surfrider Foundation, said she’s concerned that the approval sets a “dangerous precedent” for the expansion of many old seawalls, noting similar arguments could be made in their favor.

Both were written in favor of the oil and gas industries, for which Bernhardt is a lobbyist, at the expense of the American people.

Despite being laid off in January along with the majority of CollegeHumor’s staff, she’s found ample opportunity, though she downplays her success as nothing more than the “crapshooter working in her favor.”

During his 2016 campaign he claimed the election was “rigged” in favor of Clinton, predicted widespread voter fraud and announced he would accept the results of the election only if he won.

You try to stack the deck in your favor in every way you can possibly imagine.

Leverage marco and seasonal market trends and determine how to make consumer behavior work in your favor.

In San Francisco’s Mission District neighborhood Tuesday, voter Chris Diaz, 53, said he decided in favor of employment for Uber and other gig economy drivers.