Obstruct [verb]

Definition of Obstruct:

prevent, restrict

Synonyms of Obstruct:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obstruct:

Sentence/Example of Obstruct:

Nothing could obstruct his designs of mercy, or his labours of love.

We must obstruct this highway so that no crawling creature may pass.

They are very rich and fertile, without a stone or a tree to obstruct the plough.

The Nile at that time is seen to be rapidly rising, and nothing must obstruct its passage.

There are several falls in the river, which obstruct the navigation.

They wish for peace, and will take no measures that can obstruct it.

At any moment rocks or islands may arise from the sea, and obstruct our passage.

He had a faith in prayer that no mere reasoning could obstruct or circumvent.

Once on the southern side, there is nothing to obstruct or further delay them.

They who obstruct the law incur the penalties of the law, be they princes or peasants.