Clog [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Clog:

Every weight that could clog the story is thrown away, and it runs with the 33 swiftness of the thought.

Hitherto I have only been a clog and an incumbrance to you; but I trust I shall soon behave better, and make myself useful.

Therefore he passed for a very moderate Whig; for one who would not clog the wheels of government.

In fact, the damp depositing on the parts leads the electricity away, and the ink tends to clog in the siphon.

Many things and conditions clog communication from the under-mind to the consciousness.

At this moment one of the heath-croppers feeding in the outer shadows was audibly shaking off the clog attached to its foot.

When I came to the trap there was an ugly bear in it and he had the clog fast in some roots and among some fallen trees.

Then I got another clog and set the trap at the back of the pen at the place where the bear had torn off the top of the bait pen.

I took hold of the clog and carefully dragged the skunk to the creek and sank him in the water.

I now took one of the traps at the pen, leaving the clog and all appearances as though the trap still remained there.