Burden [noun]

Definition of Burden:

mental weight; stress

Synonyms of Burden:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burden:

Sentence/Example of Burden:

In actions that address climate change, there are actions that can promote equity, actions that can help us forestall pandemics, and that can at some of the biggest disease burdens in the world.

That collective burden will drag down regional incomes by roughly 10%, amounting to one of the largest transfers of wealth in American history, as people who live farther north will benefit from that change and see their fortunes rise.

Stanley Fischer, former vice chair of the Federal Reserve, said Friday in a Bloomberg Television interview that a low interest-rate burden means the Fed can do more to bolster the economy.

The benefit we have is we don’t have the burden of traditional media.

Maybe the user will not do that, and the burden shouldn’t be on the individual to make these decisions.

This cycle, the coronavirus is considered a big driver, since the burden of dealing with the pandemic’s societal upheaval has fallen disproportionately on women.

This insight of hearing but not always listening allowed me to acknowledge different points of view and try to better understand them without feeling the burden of just doing what people told me.

HUD cites no evidence that the existing rule is placing an undue burden on faith-based shelter providers.

Recently released guidance from the Department of Labor, however, places a new burden on parents who have taken the most cautious route.

Taking the technical burden off of states should help increase adoption of digital contact-tracing apps.