Grievance [noun]

Definition of Grievance:

complaint, gripe

Synonyms of Grievance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grievance:

Sentence/Example of Grievance:

So, personal grievances aside, I much enjoyed reading Baggott’s new book.

At district court hearings in September and October, Hughes argued that Gladden had attempted to resolve the case through the housing authority’s grievance process, a remedy available to residents under federal law.

He asked the housing authority to allow Gladden to participate in the grievance process before returning to court.

Now that school is resuming, they’re taking their grievances to their respective school boards and pushing for administrators to implement ethnic studies classes that reflect students’ diverse backgrounds as a graduation requirement.

However, Lindsay added, “a culture has developed in which only certain conclusions are allowed … the fields we are concerned about put social grievances ahead of objective truth.”

This discontent has grown into an indictment of our entire political and economic system, with multiple constituencies harboring multiple grievances — some overlapping, others in deep conflict.

It would make everyone careful, of course, but I fail to see any grievance in that.

And generally Mr. Crow forgot a grievance quickly, because he was sure to get angry with somebody else.

I have a mild grievance against that talented lady, Miss Marjorie Bowen, for labelling her latest novel "a romantic fantasy."

Her color had risen with the memory of yesterday's grievance, pushed aside by curiosity for some twenty-eight hours.