Stink [noun]

Definition of Stink:

bad smell

Synonyms of Stink:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stink:

Sentence/Example of Stink:

If they had anything to do with developing Wicklow they'd make it stink!

I've come through that, an' all the stink of it; I've come through sorrer.

How frightful my blemishes, which must stink in His nostrils!

"They shelled this place like stink yesterday," Collinge told me.

All that fuss and stink is to get 'em to Gallowstree Dip before we pass it.

"Your Bureau brought us the stink of burning," MacHenery said.

The change comes, and these plants will wither and rot and stink.

Do you extrapolate your mastications, too, and get frightened of the stink you might get?

Toad-flax is certainly not a "mushroom," neither does it "stink."

They stink, really stink, and if it wasn't for the food we get from them they'd all be dead tomorrow.