Injustice [noun]

Definition of Injustice:

unfair treatment; bias

Opposite/Antonyms of Injustice:

Sentence/Example of Injustice:

In a moment marked by racial injustice, these companies were reluctant to even use the word “race,” regularly opting to use “diversity” instead.

The pandemic — and the racial injustice protests that have roiled cities throughout the summer — appear to have brought even more people into the militia movement’s orbit.

Those reduced barriers seem likely to lead to even more athlete activism that shines a spotlight on racial injustices in America going forward.

Our kickoff event focused on CHROs and other human resources leaders, and—given the twin crises of the pandemic and the reckoning over racial injustice—it’s tough to think of a group facing a more complicated and urgent set of challenges.

Then the rookies would have learned, and the cycle of racial injustice in policing would continue.

This type of injustice exists everywhere, even in America’s Finest City.

There’s a lot of pain in it, too, a lot of struggle and injustice and work left to do.

Negative news stories have been hard to avoid, whether it be related to coronavirus deaths, political upheaval, or social injustices.

The fact that injustice requires action is similarly supported by the Declaration of Independence.

We need to ask ourselves why these social inequities and injustices continue to persist.