Oppression [noun]

Definition of Oppression:

misery, hardship

Synonyms of Oppression:

Opposite/Antonyms of Oppression:

Sentence/Example of Oppression:

His self-mastery is the gift of his creator, and oppression, only, can take it away.

The demon of oppression had hidden her head ashamed, and fled to her den!

Some sense of oppression, of impending evil, hung over them both.

The world was full of oppression, and envy, and drunkenness, and vain pleasures.

The fact that Godolphin was slain, it must be confessed, was not in itself the source of his oppression.

Everywhere the same story of English selfishness and oppression.

The operation of shaving and dressing in solitude produced an oppression of loneliness.

Instead of oppression, we shall have justice, tempered with mercy.

Looked we or no that tyranny should turn Her engines of oppression to their use?

The iron of oppression had entered into the soul of the Cuban.