Niceness [noun]

Definition of Niceness:


Synonyms of Niceness:

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Sentence/Example of Niceness:

If not what her niceness makes her think blameworthy, why does she blame herself?

An' her havin' to grow up a young lady with nothin' but niceness in her!

Safety is more to be respected than show or niceness for ease.

"I should be sorry to have her niceness all come out in looks," said Betty's mother.

She had never quite got over the lack of 'niceness' about those ploughs.

Oh, dear peoplekins, do you think we shall ever get used to this niceness?

I say nothing about that excess of niceness to which they are so devoted.

But you cannot swallow your pride and your niceness without any discomfort.

A reputation that required some niceness of proficiency to retain.

Men have not yet adjusted their relations to morality and law with any niceness.