Exactitude [noun]

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I don’t recall seeing Cashion in the open kitchen on many visits to Adams Morgan, a reality explained by a daytime schedule that found her preparing for the night and a right-hand man, chef Jorge Rubio, who knew her taste and exactitudes.

The clinical aspects of epilepsy are especially difficult to investigate with exactitude.

To ascertain the exciting causes of epileptic seizures with exactitude is usually a matter of very great difficulty.

Whatever we are to expect at the hands of children, it should not be any peddling exactitude about matters of fact.

His words are well chosen; they are fit in with cultivated exactitude and polished precision.

Engraving music is one of the most laborious, by the care, the minute exactitude, and the intelligence it demands.

To make the spectacle of life as moving to us as it has been to him, he must bring it before our eyes with scrupulous exactitude.

I have not striven to express myself with the exactitude, the raciness, and the elegances of our language.

Sacrifice speed to exactitude when necessary, and pay great attention to making all your turns simultaneously.

A monotonous, conscientious work moderately enthusiastic, it owes its success to its unimpeachable exactitude.