Calamity [noun]

Definition of Calamity:

disaster; tragedy

Synonyms of Calamity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calamity:

Sentence/Example of Calamity:

“If it weren’t for a pandemic and potential economic calamity, we could really get excited,” Barton, Zillow’s chief executive, said on the company’s last earnings call.

Many are ginning up new business models and adopting new technologies that will, they hope, make their businesses more resilient to future calamities—assuming they survive this one.

A possible figure of some fun for nonbelievers pre-2020, Rawles’ stature and standing now, post every single calamity that’s struck this year, is damned near mythical, and it’s harder to get ahold of him than your average celebrity.

Tesla’s stock decline also coincides with major reversal in the Dow Jones and Nasdaq indices, which had been on a tear this year despite the economic calamity caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Likewise Nick Goulette, executive director of the Watershed Research and Training Center, has seen too little movement for too long to believe anything but utter calamity can get us back on track.

She waited for no further formalities, but shaken with the sure foreboding of calamity, turned and fled the room.

Ethel's understanding perceived, but her mind refused to grasp the extent of the calamity.

The destruction of Moab is near to come: the calamity thereof shall come on exceeding swiftly.

I became keenly aware of the dreadful psychic calamity it involved.

Owing to their strange appearance, comets were to the ancients omens of calamity.