Downfall [noun]

Definition of Downfall:

disgrace, ruin

Synonyms of Downfall:

Opposite/Antonyms of Downfall:

Sentence/Example of Downfall:

The book is sad because it is the recounting of the downfall of a dedicated public servant.

The death of Kenosha’s automobile industry cost tens of thousands of people their jobs, and turned the city into a casualty of the downfall of American manufacturing.

Arafel Buzan, co-lead at the Mindshare neuroscience team, says the memory of the last economic downfall is still fresh for Gen Xers, many of whom are still recovering from that crisis.

This did not, however, lead to a wider embrace of American culture, much less the downfall of communism.

So, if you choose to stop working on digital marketing, you would see a severe downfall after a quarter or so.

These conventional downfalls are partly why light-based tissue printing captured the bioengineering world’s imagination.

In looking back over a wasted life, many a person can see that his or her downfall had its origin in the first novel.

When the downfall of Tryggvi had been accomplished, Astrid fled away bearing with her what chattels she might.

These two causes would have been alone sufficient to bring about the downfall of the companies.

Trees gave way before the constantly gathering mass of white, and joined in the downfall.