Degeneration [noun]

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The brain slowly undergoes degeneration in a way similar to aging.

Meanwhile, Staahl was looking at treatment for disorders that specifically lead to neural degeneration – something that had not previously been part of Doudna’s lab’s research prior to him joining.

Unfortunately this is the degeneration of synaptic junctions and the inability of growing new neurons.

Except in this disease, the degeneration indicates a serious blood condition.

Sir John had lately noticed another degeneration, namely, in the quality of the London gas.

The degeneration of the original species is still greater in our climates.

Finally he takes to drinking and becomes a picture of degeneration.

That any degeneration might come in by the way, that the printed text might contain blunders, was not perceived.

The forms of disease known as "fatty degeneration of the kidney" and "Bright's disease" are both frequently due to this cause.

Of degeneration (except when produced recently by European vices and diseases) I know no trace in Australia.