Decay [noun]

Definition of Decay:

breaking down, collapse

Opposite/Antonyms of Decay:

Sentence/Example of Decay:

A limited quantum computer, it specializes in solving optimization problems by letting qubits seek out the lowest-energy configuration available—a process not unlike false vacuum decay.

The experiment, described in a preprint last June, merely verified known quantum effects and did not reveal anything new about vacuum decay.

The General in command of the station was a feeble old man, suffering from senile decay.

It will hold tenaciously there, the last of its race, days after the decay of its greener and more healthy-looking mates.

The decay and ruin of nearly all the "old families" in Ireland are among the penalties of disregarding it.

The old dining-hall had shared in the general decay, and been shorn of all its ancient honours.

It is likewise formed daring the decay of animal and vegetable matters, and is consequently evolved from dung and compost heaps.

He bewailed the loss of his automobile that had perished of senile decay at Aix-en-Provence.

Time has dealt gently with it and careful repair and restoration have arrested its decay.

Scarcely another ruin did we see anywhere more imposing in location and more picturesque in decay.