Rotting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rotting:

Some reckon it incorruptible; and if it be not, it is at least a great many years in rotting.

The woodwork down below was rotting, and covered with filth.

All the tints had turned dirty grey in this cupboard, rotting with dust and damp.

Gather at the full of the Moone for keeping, gather dry for feare of rotting.

The hill was covered with mushrooms, which were rotting unregarded.

This will neutralize the acid and prevent it from rotting the wood.

It was littered with rotting straw and plum stones and melon seeds.

There seems to be no bacteria in the abysses, so there can be no rotting.

They keep the sea from rotting, by keeping it in a perpetual stir.

Snow had filtered in at the windows, and the floor was rotting away.