Depreciation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Depreciation:

Currency depreciation is another big challenge, says Yoneyama, even for companies that experience exponential growth in local revenue.

With her self-depreciation she was one thing that she was not likely to guessthe prettiest talker in the world.

At any rate, after what we have read we cannot attribute his intention of studying under Kalkbrenner to undue self-depreciation.

In spite of the increased depreciation of the currency the Colony continued to grow in numbers and strength.

In the midst of these efforts depreciation was undermining the strength and corrupting the moral sense of the community.

Most of this fund was wiped out by depreciation of money, etc., during the Civil War.

She challenged his flattery in her pouting self-depreciation.

After this depreciation of the Omnipotent, what says this philosophy of our soul?

It should, of course, be borne in mind that these high prices in part represented the depreciation of Confederate paper money.

Allow proper margin for management expenses, fixed charges, depreciation, selling expenses and the like.