Slump [noun]

Definition of Slump:

decline, failure

Synonyms of Slump:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slump:

Sentence/Example of Slump:

He'd heard these rumours about a slump, and he's fifty years old at that.

Others not less popular had to do with the reasons for the slump.

There was no weak fiber that would let her slump before this emergency.

If a slump of any kind comes, he will be without a prop to lean on.

The slump was still in evidence and the work was light until Thursday.

Toward the last he did precipitate a slump and sold at sacrifice.

Yes, I know, but you never can tell when we may strike a slump.

But nothing could disguise the fact that the Cardinals were in a "slump."

Scores of millions were drawn from the banks and trust companies to stay the slump.

Don't mind this slump in grit—it will return to par and slang tomorrow.