Recession [noun]

Definition of Recession:

reversal of action; reduction of business activity

Synonyms of Recession:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recession:

Sentence/Example of Recession:

This caused not only a recession but decided changes in appearance.

How did the rate of recession at those times compare with the present rate?

What Powell calls the "recession of cliffs" comes into play.

This was really on his part a recession from the extreme ground he had taken in the speech.

A recession into the Divine or Imperial—hence, the father of graft.

Authorities differ as to the rate of the recession of the falls.

There are those, who advocate the recession of the District of Columbia.

It is not enough merely to prepare to weather a recession if it comes.

Our recovery from the 1958 recession, moreover, was anemic and incomplete.

But we must remember that fear of a recession can contribute to the fact of a recession.