Bust [noun]

Definition of Bust:

chest of human

Synonyms of Bust:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bust:

Sentence/Example of Bust:

The dotcom bust, which followed Apple’s second-ever stock split in June 2000, wrecked investors’ returns.

Hormones could very well be making booms and busts worse than they need be.

I don’t want to be doomsday, but it is bleak right now, so we have to think about outdoor recreation as another economic specialization that’s vulnerable to boom-and-bust and think about long-term diversification.

In the past, a bust brought calls for economic diversification.

Although the 30-minute-rule to getting engagement has been busted, it definitely helps to know your best posting time and post consistently.

The pandemic may now put an end to the tradition-busting experiment it had forced on Notre Dame.

If the organic search traffic is a bust, don’t list your company website on it.

The back of her head will be quite in line with her charming little bust, and I for one shall walk round and laugh in her face.

Among these are "Medusa," a bronze bust; and a "Mater Dolorosa," in terra-cotta.

It was destroyed in the fire, but has been replaced, and few could tell the present bust is not the original one.