Exoneration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Exoneration:

His nightmare lasted not a few days, but 2,984 — from the day of his resignation to the day of his exoneration.

He told an organization official about the allegations and his exoneration letters.

They will satisfy you, I think, that the exoneration I seek will be a simple act of justice.

And there was too the impulse for further self-exoneration, to be assured that she was right, to feel that she was injured.

The plea of exoneration was that those gifts had been freely accepted without pledging the vote.

She was waiting the word of forgiveness from the one she loved best of all, but Peggy was awaiting Tzaritza's exoneration.

Listen, Florrie, here's something that pleases me as much as my exoneration by the Board of Inquiry.

There is neither judgment nor exoneration, but merely narration.

Nor is it the example of Mr. Arnold alone that can be cited in exoneration of perfect outspokenness.

“It was not her fault that it had not turned out better,” he said; and he did not seem to hear her exoneration of Rosamond.