Exculpation [noun]

Definition of Exculpation:

clearing from accusation

Synonyms of Exculpation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exculpation:

Sentence/Example of Exculpation:

They made habit and bad example almost a sufficient exculpation from crime.

The Lord-Advocate being sworn, in exculpation, he gave a distinct account of the transactions which he had had with the prisoner.

Perhaps there may be some little thing to say in exculpation.

What the arguments were that I resorted to in exculpation of my injustice, I no longer remember at this distance of time.

Fray Luiss experience of the Inquisition naturally led him to seek exculpation.

Mpamari gave them a long oration in exculpation, but it was only the same everlasting, story of fugitive slaves.

All this was true, and no attempt at exculpation was made, but it was felt that a breach existed.

It is always unpleasant to have to explain—especially where the exculpation involves a disclosure that is not noble.

They went upstairs side by side, Madge scarcely hearing, and still less heeding, the doctor's flow of exculpation.

Hailes finds ample exculpation of Comyn in the fact that he was presently chosen one of the Guardians, in succession to Wallace.