Excuse [noun]

Definition of Excuse:

reason, explanation

Opposite/Antonyms of Excuse:

Sentence/Example of Excuse:

Traditional absentee excuses include military deployments or illness.

In fact, Texas is one of only six remaining states that are using strict lists of excuses to decide who can vote by mail this year.

Without broader change, Markowitz argued, the city will probably just find another law to use as an excuse to punish speech they don’t like.

That takes care of those five and whatever excuses might be connected to how they were obtained and who did what to obtain them.

If your organization is smaller, don’t use the small sample size as an excuse to avoid this work.

So we kind of gave people an excuse to charge at least $5 a month if they’re going to charge at all.

For starters, I’m the best excuse you have for your flakiness and irresponsibility.

There was a notion that it was merely an excuse to have a free day out of the confines of the office.

That said, relatively low turnout could make it easier for Alabama to report most of its votes on election night, and most Texans may still decide to vote in person since the state declined to allow the pandemic as a valid excuse to vote absentee.

They usually work overseas as an excuse for why they can’t meet you in person or FaceTime you.