Justification [noun]

Definition of Justification:

reason, excuse

Opposite/Antonyms of Justification:

Sentence/Example of Justification:

Politicians are good at finding justifications for doing things they said they wouldn’t.

A traffic violation was the overwhelming justification for a stop, followed by an officer’s reasonable suspicion that someone was engaged in criminal activity.

As the Tampa Bay Times reports, this approach can provide algorithmic justification for further police harassment of minority and low-income communities.

They called on the state’s attorney and chief of police to sign off on any no-knock warrant, and for the department to require additional justification for serving a warrant at night.

They may contact observers to request specific details about unusual sightings, point out misidentifications, or ask for justification about higher-than-expected numbers reported for a particular species.

Patients and families blame the staff when the coronavirus erupts in a building, believing, often with some justification, that employees have become infected by community spread where they live and shop, said Rufial, in Texas.

But, the iPhone 12—and the 12 Pro, which I’ll be focusing on in this review—have received some excellent hardware upgrades that provide a better justification to upgrade for most people than that little 5G in the top right corner of the display.

This idea has at times served as a justification for his supporters to stock up on firearms and be on the lookout for enemies, an obviously fraught escalation.

To some this might provide justification for the destruction of property.

Scientists had to use both males and females in NIH-funded research unless they could present a “strong justification” otherwise.