Sanctification [noun]

Definition of Sanctification:

reason, excuse

Opposite/Antonyms of Sanctification:

Sentence/Example of Sanctification:

On the contrary, he was to promote the Kiddush Hashem "the sanctification of the Name."

To them is owing the sanctification of Sunday in the three kingdoms.

It was the root of sanctification, as well as of Divine acceptance.

I think the greatest imposture of Christian times is the sanctification of labour.

And in no other way can we realize the sanctification we have in Him.

His own and our sanctification bears the common stamp of the cross.

Let His sanctification indeed be the law as it is the life of mine.

For to-day He is made of God unto you sanctification: to-day He will indeed be your holiness.

The will of God is, in every part of it, and in all its Divine power, your sanctification.

I come to say that I see that Thy will is my sanctification, and there alone I would seek it.