Rationale [noun]

Definition of Rationale:

logic for belief, action

Synonyms of Rationale:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rationale:

Sentence/Example of Rationale:

I leave it to the wise to decipher the rationale, but such is the fact.

Yet I could contact no other rationale around me as far away as I could probe.

"Marls appear to exist as rationale and emotion," I reasoned.

Is it not possible to forget the fact too much in discussing the rationale of the process?

Throughout the book the order of presentation is the experiment, rationale, and remarks.

In his impetuosity, we find the rationale of much that is peculiar in the style of Dr. Chalmers.

This, sir, is the rationale of the complaint; and it is to you I must look for the cure.

As to the cause and rationale of these pain-lines, only the barest outlines can be given.

Paul's Christology is but the rationale of the vision that led to Paul's conversion.

They must have it, by the whole reason and rationale upon which the thing depends.